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Heat Sinks

Accel Thermal (Accel La Habra) has significant capabilities in CNC manufacturing, short run prototypes in heat sinks from a large inventory of aluminum extrusions and existing dies.

Custom heat sinks and aluminum extrusion production since the 1950's.

Our focus has always been to provide superior customer service in the small run custom heat sink arena. Located in Brea, CA, USA, our custom and new extrusion turn-around lead time is very competitive. We provide our customers with fast delivery in single bar or single finished prototype piece from a very large stock of custom dies and bar lengths.

Our typical production volume ranges from a few parts to 10,000 per year.

We stock over 150 different extruded shapes in 9-foot lengths. We supply bonded fin heat sinks and fan mounted products as well. With our state of the art CNC machines we can cut, de-burr and machine all of your heat sink needs in a very timely fashion. We are happy to add all manufacturing services to provide you with a completed prototype, 500 pieces, production volumes, or ship you a bar length.

Please contact us to inquire about our services:
  • Cut and Deburr
  • Surface Milling for Flatness
  • Anodize
  • Drilling, and Tapping
  • Thermal Pad Printing
  • Specialty Packaging
Fan Heat Sinks
Accel Thermal Heat Sinks

Are your integrated circuits such as CPUs, chipset and graphics cards getting too hot? Let Accel Thermal help you cool them down with our fan heat sinks. Components that are getting too hot generally exhibit a shorter maximum life-span and may give you problems with your computers. With our fan heat sinks we can help you eliminate crashes and freezing.

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

We have manufactured bonded fin products overseas for since 2001.

Our production partners create highly difficult shapes , with tight tolerances.

We have been able to deliver several products as wide as 14" inches and weighing up to 35 pounds.

Please send us your early sketches to allow Accel the opportunity to aid in prototyping and early development.

Thermal Interface Material

Accel works hard to give our customer all of their thermal needs. We offer thermal interface materials with our heat sinks.

Extruded Fin Heat Sinks :: Single Sided
Accel Thermal Heat Sinks

We stock a wide array of single sided extrusions.

Extruded Fin Heat Sinks :: Single Sided With Mounting Channel
Accel Thermal Heat Sinks

We stock a wide array of single sided extrusions complete with a mounting channel for easy attachment to your device.

Extruded Fin Heat Sinks :: Double Sided
Accel Thermal Heat Sinks

We stock a wide array of double sided extrusions with a variety of central mounting plates for easy attachment to your device.

Extruded Fin Heat Sinks :: Special Machine Options
Accel Thermal Heat Sinks

  • State of the Art CNC Drilling and Machining
  • Precise first part location dimensions and exact long run duplications
  • American standard or metric threads CNC lead screw thread forming
  • Special surface flatness & smoothness
  • High speed production

Heat Sinks :: Special Machine Options

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